Welcome Home {Fresh Start; New Home Tour}

It looks like a winter wonderland outside… and I’m not complaining one. single. bit. I have already put up my Christmas decor, however I still refuse to put up my tree and wreath until Thanksgiving has come and past. I decided to get into the spirit of things much earlier this year, because one, i’ll be in Italy for all of January, thus I will miss out on a whole month of pretty lights, and two because I work at a mall now, where I see Santa every day because we’re close buds like that 😉 and three….because who doesn’t love how freaking beautiful this time of year is?! I know I do.

I recently found myself in a bit of an overwhelmed state a few weeks ago… I think the whole having three jobs thing and 18 credits really got to me and I was in a bit of a stressful zone. Thus, I knocked off one job, which was very difficult to do since I just love all of these jobs and the people at this particular place are just so lovely in every way. But now I have a much more manageable amount of time and I find that at night I can relax on the couch a little or go out with friends instead of frantically plunking away at my computer trying to study and get homework done.

And that means that I can spend more time writing! That’s always a big two thumbs way way up (yes, I just quoted Hades from Disney’s Hercules). With this Christmas season approaching, I got in this caaaraaaazy mood to just go nuts with Christmas decorations in my new apartment… It may look like Christmas exploded in my home.

I have some pretty fun decoration ideas and organization tips from the giant move I made, and some ideas for turning a distant, unfamiliar location into a cozy, home that suits your needs and style. So what are you waiting for?! Come on in, welcome to my new home!

2014-09-13 15.43.43 2014-09-13 15.46.01 2014-09-13 15.46.22 2014-09-13 15.47.48 2014-09-13 15.48.22 2014-09-13 15.48.40

I must say, decorating a new home is the best- I am having such a blast with it all.

2014-09-12 22.19.07

And really, my roomie is just livin’ it up in luxury. What a punk.

Well that’s my new apartment! It’s small and simple, but it’s just the right size for me and I am so happy there. I can’t wait to show you some tricks for fixing eye sores and unique deco ideas. Stay tuned for my next re-vamping project, and enjoy the snow… ;P I know I will be!

Until next time, folks!

With love,



Styling my new home {Vintage Map Bookshelf DIY}

Holy moly….It’s November already!! This year just flew by like crazy, but I must say, my fall has been absolutely thus far. I am finally settled down into my new apartment in Highland Park, which is this cute little neighborhood in the southwestern portion of St. Paul, MN, and I must say, I am loving this refreshing life I am leading right now :).

I have been so insanely busy going to new networking events, making new friends, taking classes and working at my hectic four jobs (more to come on that later). In the mean time when I am not running around like a crazy maniac, I am just brainstorming up a tornado of fun ideas and creative diy’s to do to my walls…

This summer I came up with this brilliant idea to take vintage maps and refurnish the bookshelf that was handed down to me from my last apartment. The before look is tattered, ugly fiberboard made to look like wood. My dad was a cross country semi truck driver of his own business called KRM Transport while I was a child, so because of this, my mom had P-L-E-N-T-Y of maps of different states stacked away in her storage cupboards…

I think she was happy that they were going to be utilized after all these years 😉

2014-08-11 18.19.352014-08-11 18.35.49

The whole process of refurnishing this piece is pretty simple, straightforward and goes the same way as other furniture, however I do have a few tips to add in, instead of giving you a step by step process:

1. Before you do ANYTHING, sand it down. This doesn’t mean going nuts with a power sander and really giving it a good scrub down, but more of just roughing it up. Yes, even though it is a ‘fake wood’ material, you still want to sand it so that way the surface isn’t so glossy and the paint will actually stick to the surface and not be blotchy. Then give it a good wipe down with a clean cloth. I personally used a mix of a clean cloth, and a tack cloth.

2. Onto the priming! This is straightforward and doesn’t need much explaining, however it is a very important step if you want to make this ‘new’ piece of furniture have a paint job that will be clean, concise and last a long time. Basically, keep it a smooth, thin even coat, and don’t make it gloppy. I used a regular paint brush for this- paint strokes are fine in the priming stage.

2014-08-10 16.01.022014-08-10 16.00.47

3. Next comes the painting: for this bookshelf I kept bouncing back and forth between what color I should paint it. It was between a country white look, or a light mint green/aqua color. Ultimately, I went with Sherwin Williams Kiwi color (SW6737). I spent a week on this step as I wanted to make sure the process wasn’t rushed so the paint layers didn’t turn out gloppy. I did two coats with this, and used a thin roller.

2014-08-10 16.24.102014-08-10 16.00.53

4. After the two coats were dried, I went and chose which maps I wanted to use on the shelves. I did Wisconsin (of course), Minnesota, Iowa, and Virginia. It was really fun to look at all the maps and all the states and see how each map had a different design, structure and theme solely based off of the roads, borders and how the maps were! This step was a really fun one. After that, I went and measure the surface of the board shelves and transferred the sizes to the map. I cut them, and used a mixture of mod podge and irridescent gold paint to paint the board surface and both sides of the paper. Using a bubble press (or an old library card, in my case), push the bubbles out and make the paper even to the board. I then cleaned up the brush strokes and set it aside to dry.2014-08-11 18.35.542014-08-16 10.45.37

2014-08-16 10.45.29

5. Now assembly!! Pretty much, I just did a final coat of clear (matte) finish (and I did two finishing on the shelves to make sure the maps would last for a long time), and once they dried, I put it all together.

6. I am a gal that likes a style that is clean, but somewhat rustic looking. After looking at the shelf, I thought it looked to  modern and fresh for the vintage maps. So I used a mixture of 180 and 220 grit sandpaper to ‘roughen up’ the edges and add that rustic vintage feel. Then, there was the finished product….2014-08-17 15.17.58

Voila!! I am in love with my bookshelf, and am so proud of what I transformed it into! It was originally an abandoned piece of  broken (fake) furniture that I upgraded into this beaut! It is a wonderful piece in my living room and I just love the character that it adds to my new home:

2014-09-07 14.02.08

2014-09-07 15.19.03

I can’t wait to show you my new home and tell you my plans I have prepared to brighten it up into my own style!!

What projects have you all been up to in your homes? Have you had any fun diy upgrades?

Until next time folks, take care!

With love,


Catching up & Back to School Flash

This past week has been C-R-A-Z-Y. Last Friday, the 29th, I picked up all my belongings again, (except this time I packed up literally everything) and moved back up to the cities to my own one bedroom apartment. Well, myself and my room-mate….

2014-08-25 18.39.32

Isn’t she just the cutest?! Everybody, meet my roomie Zara, Zara meet everybody. She’s my new little minion.

I cannot wait to give you a tour of our new home; everyday I put piece by piece together and it just keeps looking more and more cozy!

This weekend was the first weekend that I had time to just sit down and breathe and do whatever I please. With classes and work starting back up, moving into my apartment and tacking on a second job, I have been running around like a maniac! So to settle down and take in this beautiful weekend, I went to the beach and farmer’s market with my valentine. Boy did I stock up on goodies!!

2014-09-07 13.48.482014-09-07 13.47.46-1

Zara approves of my produce as well…

I just got lost in a treasure hunt for tomatoes, cilantro, rhubarb, organic handmade soap, and onions! I even got spoiled by my valentine and he bought be these gorgeous flowers for me…golly. I also had the perfect basket to carry all my prizes in! I got it from this wonderful store in my hometown.

But needless to say, I had a wonderful weekend. Fall is just around the corner and there is nothing more relaxing to me than going to a farmer’s market and beach. I’m so glad my companion went with me 🙂

2014-09-07 12.06.55-1

2014-09-07 12.06.21

2014-09-07 12.05.23

2014-09-07 11.36.45-12014-09-07 11.37.48

2014-09-07 11.35.432014-09-07 11.34.06

2014-09-07 11.33.512014-09-07 11.34.45

What farmer’s markets do you enjoy going to in your own neighborhoods?

I hope your weekends were just as great as mine was!

Until next time folks, enjoy these last days of summer!

With love,


Ringing in the Red, White and Blue

Summer sparks the time for shorts, warm waves of heat, green grass, splashing at the pool, and of course good ol’ down to home barbecues! Since the commencement of my sophomore year of college, life has been dealing a busy hand to me. I have had so much going on, that I have failed to keep up with my posts. But now it is time to catch up!

On May 17th, my beautiful middle sister, Rachel, got hitched to my now brother-in-law, Brandon! They had a lovely gathering at Chankaska Winery in Kasota, MN and everything was absolutely stunning- especially the bride!

Exactly three days after the wedding, (after finals of course) I moved all my belongings out of my college apartment and 240 miles south, to my parent’s farm in Monroe, WI where I will be staying for the summer to work for the city of Monroe in an internship. During this time in between, I have been spending my free time with my family, friends, and of course, my valentine- Forrest.

This summer has certainly kicked us into the fast lane, from scary straight winds that tore through our farm, working hard for the city, coaching a running program, saying goodbye to close family members who had lives well lived, and to finding a good home for myself to move to when school kicks back up in the cities. I think it’s safe to say that I have had my fair share of freak outs and break downs. But this is a lesson for myself- It’s all about learning to handle many tasks at hand well, and to keep yourself calm through it all.

This week is of course, Independence day! This is a really big time for myself and my co-workers because my department is the host of the fireworks and carnival festivities that take place in my hometown. I love this holiday because it’s a time to be honoring our country, and what better way to do so by taking in the beautiful weather and season?! This time of the year is always so hot and humid, which means that it is the perfect time for light, airy shirts and shorts!

2014-05-26 10.43.34

2014-05-26 22.14.23

This shirt is one of my favorites! it is a part of the Joe Fresh Collection. I love the sheer fabric it has, and the thick rope ‘boating style’ pattern it has makes it fun and fresh for summer!

Currently I have been seeing many styles and types of high waisted shorts- It’s a new fad again I guess! I like this classic type that I have with these shorts- it looks clean and classy, but has the casual edge with the deep wash jean fabric! I found this pair at Loft!

2014-05-26 10.43.372014-05-26 22.10.062014-05-26 10.44.41

Accent pieces such as jewelry, red lips (to bring in all the red, white and blue!) and a cute fedora that ties in the boating attitude make any outfit fun! This is the time in our lives to be bold- so go bold or go home!

2014-05-26 10.55.39-1

I urge you guys to be bold this summer, and take some time this holiday to celebrate America’s birthday in style! And while doing so, take on this fabulous BBQ recipe that goes great with, well Barbecue! …But brats are pretty dang good with it too 😉

Guinness Brat Bash Marinade:


1 cup Guinness stout
1/4 cup molasses
1/4 cup Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 pinch nutmeg
1 pinch clove
12 bratwursts


  • Mix all ingredients (except brats) together until well blended.
  • You can marinate the brats in the marinade or you can inject them with a flavor injector syringe. Let marinating brats sit, refrigerated, several hours before grilling over a medium-hot fire, approximately 20 minutes, turning once.
  • Baste with leftover marinade the second half of cooking

2014-05-26 22.03.19

2014-05-26 13.30.45

Enjoy, and Happy Independence Day everybody!!

Remember what this day is truly about, and wear your pride on your sleeve because we have such an abundance of freedom!

Until next time folks- take care!


2014-05-26 11.23.182014-05-26 22.05.10

A Box of Chocolates

Life has a very creative way of dealing cards out to us.

One day, we have a plan, are walking along the path knowing just what we want, and the next, everything goes up into flame and we are at block one again.

Well…not exactly. We just like to over react and think we are back at block one. I find myself watching TV more often on the weekends now that I am in college. This evening I was paroosing through the channels, and saw that Forrest Gump was playing. I haven’t seen it in a long time, and get jokes very often because my dearest friend, and boyfriend is named Forrest. So what did I do? I watched it of course.

It’s amazing what a classic movie can do for you. This movie is jam packed with metaphors and messages, and I must say, it really reached out to me this evening. This movie took me back to my freshman year in high school, sitting in my bedroom cleaning my room from a ‘tornado’ that blew through it ;). I did not understand at all what would happen that night that would change my entire outlook on life. I remember hearing my mother shouting from the stairwell that I had a phone call. It was my middle sister, calling from her college dorm at Luther, checking in with me. I was just getting over my first high school romance- my first break up. It was a doozy, that break up, but it helped shape me into who I am today, and taught me a very good lesson. My sister had prepared a little letter for me a few weeks ago that I received in the mail, and I saved it to open until she called me. When I opened the letter, I found two little sheets of paper decorated so neatly. One said, “Explore new horizons,” and the other said, “Everything happens for a reason.” Long story short, these two quotes had great importance to the bond between my mom, Rachel, and myself. They both represent a great lesson- that sometimes we just can’t help what happens to us in our lives, but everything that happens to us will impact us in some way. It’s how we handle it that will be the biggest part in how much it impacts us. We must take what happens to us, and keep trekking on, keep smiling, keep trying, keep exploring, keep on….keepin’ on.

2014-04-17 21.17.19

I still, to this day have those little sheets of paper with me. They are a big part of my life, and keep me positive. I unfortunately completely forgot about their deep importance until today when I was watching this movie.

Recently I have been so focused on sticking to the plan, sticking to what I have envisioned for my future. Well…that’s a problem. Because the plan has no chance of sticking. Not when there is life. Then you aren’t living. I have been so focused on following this plan that I haven’t been letting life take me, and it has been affecting the ones I love dearly. I should stop looking at the future, and be happy for what I have now, because what I have now is beautiful. I learned that I should just let life take me more, and pick my battles- pick what I really want to fight for in my plan. Some things are just worth fighting for I suppose. 🙂

Never change who you are for somebody else folks- change for yourself if you want to change…although i’m sure the ‘you’ that you are is just perfect.

It’s like Forrest Gump’s mama always says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

That’s my little tid-bit of the evening, what do you have to be thankful for right now in your life? I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break, and get a chance to see the ones you love, and enjoy, well, livin’!

With love,


Warm Weather & Spring {Beauty} Steals

Happy Thursday! Oh I just love my Tuesdays and Thursdays. The way my schedule works out, Tuesdays and Thursdays are stocked full, while holding a relaxed, at ease attitude, and …the best part… music! Ahhhh, I love me some music. I go straight from a vocal lesson, to eat breakfast, to work, to choir, and then I’m done by 3:00 pm. Which leaves the perfect amount of time to get in a good workout.

Okay, OK, I’m sure you guys are sick of my tyrants about the weather, but, I must say… It’s B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L outside! Hooray! Finally! Minnesota had this huge winter ‘spring’ snow storm last week on Thursday and Friday, which left us with more drifts and shoveling to deal with. This girl right here had unfortunately taken all of her snow gear home the last time she was home however, so she wore rain boots, and lots of socks. Lots and lots of them. Fortunately, The weather blew right my way on my 20th birthday, which was on Sunday, leaving no more snow to be left in sight (que evil laugh). So I spent my weekend frolicking around in the great outdoors as much as I could.

Now that it is finally beginning to warm up outside, I am seeing a lot of my fellow classmates wearing spring colors in their outfits as well as a considerably shocking amount of shorts and dresses. I haven’t been that bold to wear short dresses or shorts, but I have broken out my spring shoes and capris! In honor of spring finally coming, it is time to prepare our bodies for this warm weather. I am beginning to prep my skin for the exposure of bare legs, and I would like my legs to not look dry and crusty and have people running away in horror at the sight of them. With this being said, I am exfoliating my skin like you cannot believe. I thought I’d share my must-have products that nurture your body year-round, but this time being specifically focused for spring. So here are my top products on a  budget, for those budget fanatic college junkies like me:

Spring Beauty on a Budget





1. Coola Mineral Sunscreen- I have a Birchbox account (thanks to my middle sister Rachel!) in which I receive a box full of sample goodies each month- like a magazine subscription, but for products! My most recent box had Coola. I know many of us gals want to be tan beauties, but trust me- we don’t look pretty when we look like lobsters! Cancer isn’t that attractive, trust me ladies. I always put sunscreen on before I do my primer and other make up cycles every morning, and this stuff works wonders! It feels light and airy and doesn’t make it feel like you are wearing a thick layer of frosting on your face. Careful though, this stuff is $36.00 just for 1.7oz! Yikes! I don’t know about you, but that’s a little out of my price range. In which case, this brings us to #2! (However, I must say, this stuff is magic.) Don’t worry ladies, you will look golden beautiful with sunscreen too!

2. Rimmel London BB Cream- This stuff is pretty nifty! Of course, we all know the hype about BB creams now, which means that you can skip the process of putting on sunscreen because this stuff has it built in! Which means, you are saving yourself a couple bucks! I have been using this stuff for a few years now and love it; it hides those tricky blemishes and makes my skin look flawless while nourishing it all throughout the day. I get mine at Target for $7 (1 oz.) but you can also find it here.

3. Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator- Remember how I said I am exfoliating like crazy? Well this stuff is the power blaster of all exfoliators! It has enzymes built into the product along with micro-beads that work together as a splendid team. The micro-beads wipe away any dry, dead and dull skin, while the enzymes rejuvenate and brighten the new skin. Again, I got this stuff in my Birchbox, so it’s not exactly a penny-pincher in any means. ($34 for 4.23oz) in which case, I additionally recommend a diy exfoliator that I love to use on not only my face, but my body!

  • 3 Tablespoons of coffee grounds
  • 1 Tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

For this diy exfoliant, the coffee works as the micro beads, and the natural properties of the coffee work to brighten up the face for a nice glow! The olive oil (or you can use coconut oil) works as a moisturizer, and then the honey is a natural enzymatic property to help slough away any dead skin cells! To use it just rub onto face (and/or legs and arms like I do as well) and very gently massage onto skin with your fingers for a minute or two. (Hint: Put it on in the shower before you turn on the water to do your normal routine, as this will be a little messy) Then rinse and treat skin with your normal routine. I love this diy recipe; it’s quick, easy, and did I mention cheap? Of course, most kitchens already have these ingredients tucked away in the pantries!

4. Aveeno Smart Essentials Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment- I love this. I also love Aveeno; they always use healthy and non-harsh ingredients for your body and the environment, and I am all about that stuff. It’s so small and compact you can take it with you wherever you go for easy travel. When applying it has a rolling ball point applicator and the cream mixed with the roller is so soothing with a nice, gentle, cool feeling. Careful though, it can sting when you apply to dry skin so make sure you lotion it up before applying. I use this morning and night after I wash my face and it takes care of any dark circles that you may have from pulling those all-nighters when cramming for an exam or paper. You can find this at Target for approximately $10. I know, it’s a little up there, but it will last for forever and is totally worth it.

5. Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion- Of course, we all need just a nice, simple lotion. I like this stuff because it is fresh smelling and doesn’t feel sticky and clammy when you apply it. In honor of the spring season, I am now applying this stuff to my legs, tummy, arms and back every night before bed. This way, while you are cuddled up in bed with thoughts of sugar plums in your head, your skin is getting a good drink of that hydration and you will wake up feeling and looking amazing… minus the bed head or drool- sorry, I can’t help that issue on my end either. You can get this stuff at Walmart or Target for about $3.50 for a 13 oz bottle- not too shabby, eh?!

6. L’oreal Sublime Bronze Lotion- Alright. We all know how this story goes. We want to look radiantly gorgeous, but we also don’t want cancer, and we also don’t want to turn our skin orange. Yep, we just can’t win here ever! Oh wait…Yes we can! Here’s a little secret; After you do your shower exfoliating coffee thing, jump out of the shower and apply your lotion everywhere- After rubbing off all your dead skin, your new skin needs a little pick me up and moisture! But wait…pair it with this bronzing lotion. I take a little dollop of the bronzer, and a little dollop (equal parts) of lotion and mix it together in my palms and then apply it to my skin like regular lotion. Then you are hydrating, and looking goldenly gorgeous while not turning orange! Hooray! What I especially like about this bronzer is that it smells really good, and has little gold flecks in it, so your skin actually shimmers! I find mine at Walmart for $9, 5 oz.

7. Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk- Whew! What a mouthful. But seriously, this product is really nice. Apply it when your hair is damp, and it will dry as a smooth, non-poofy mess, especially in the soon to come humid days. You can find this at Walmart for $4, for 5 oz. It lasts for quite sometime, because a little bit goes a long way!

8. Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream- The title says it all. I have been using this stuff for about a month now, and I am not even kidding you- it perfects! I have a somewhat of a trouble area when it comes to my face and acne, and this stuff works wonders. Yes, I still have to do the whole acne treatment routine, but it will rid your skin of any blemishes such as scars, redness, or sun spots! It’s like the title says, a BB cream for your body. You will see noticeable changes within 3 days. Again, I got this in another Birchbox, however, this stuff is easier to find in your regular grocery stores and is relatively cheaper. You can get this for $12, for 7.5 oz. Again, not the best price, but it’s better than others, and the results are soooo worth it!

9. Up&Up Pre-Brush Mouth Rinse- Nothing too fancy here. The thing here that is saving yourself a few bucks is the generic brand. I love em’! But in all seriousness, this stuff is a double, no triple whammy. I use this every night before bedtime as a normal mouth rinse EXCEPT you use this BEFORE you brush your teeth. This way it kills all the germs, whitens your teeth, and loosens all the plaque and buildup from what you ate throughout the day; making the brushing process easier, and more effective for cleaner, healthier, and whiter teeth! Talk about a tri-unity. You can get this at Target for $4 for 32 oz, wow! what a save!

10. (NOT PICTURED) Water- Of course, H2O is the best way to keep yourself looking young, rejuvenated, and healthy! Did I mention it’s free?!


Well that’s it folks! I hope you like my spring budget snatches! It’s time to go refresh yourselves now! 🙂

What are your favorite products?

Until next time, I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather and are snatching up every wonderful moment in your lives.


With Love,


She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain Anytime…

Anytime SOON!! My oh my, spring break has come to a finish, and now the time has come to hunker down and prepare for the grand finale! Some people are usually sad that another year will be coming to a close as they part ways with their friends for summer. I on the other hand, am itching for summer to start.

I’m sure most, if not all of you know about the ‘vortex’ (wow, it sounds so powerful!) is just about prepared to pack up it’s suitcase and leave us alone, so we can get on with our normal weather lives. I personally am a lost soul who is only truly happy when it’s warm outside. Can you say Cali life?! For my spring break, I ventured home to spend time with my farm animals, parents, and boyfriend/best friend Forrest. It was an amazing week, and it made me very sad to come back to school, 240 miles away.

There are seven weeks of school left, and I am trekking on, like many other students to finish my sophomore year with a bang. I find myself wearing flannel shirts and leggings everyday, the look of the rustic (ahem, lazy) style. I have given up on trying to look cute until it starts warming up for goodness sake, and by ‘warming up,’ I mean 60’s, at least! However, in the mean time, I am going to coop myself up under a pile of blankets and hot tea and prepare to write my final papers and fill out my study guides for final’s week. It’s going to be more of a stressful time for me- my middle sister, Rachel will be getting hitched the weekend before finals, leaving very little time for me to study before the big week. However, I am not worried, because, as my mother says (yes mom, be proud, I’m only quoting this once) “Allow for it.” My mother is notorious for saying that to me and my sisters at least, well, twenty five times a day (what it feels like). What she is trying to get at when she lectures us, is that we can avoid mistakes and running into stress if we prepare for it well ahead of time. As much as my entire brain and body is urging myself to swerve frantically away from saying this right now, I will say, she was right. Ugh.

In honor of this time of the semester for students, I have a little list of tips that could help you all out when preparing for finals. Hang in there, the glorified days of summer are comin’ ’round the mountain!

1.) Prepare ahead of time! On evenings when you don’t have anything to do, flip through your syllabus schedule a few weeks ahead and take care of some little assignments, and/or start preparing your study guide or outline for the big papers and exams. I know, I know, it is tempting to pick up the TV remote, game controller, or, if you are like me, click on that Pinterest website. I urge you to try your absolute hardest to avoid it! Your future self will thank you when Professors pile on assignments when the semester comes to a close. It’s almost as if they are just plotting together and snickering at us while we are hiding behind a tower of books, ready to rip our hair out.

2.) Chat with your elders! Go into your professors’ office before the year ends! This is a good time to ask any question you have about an upcoming exam, an essay prompt you are stumped about, or simply, just to chat! It’s truly surprising how much just walking in and getting to know your professor can help you. Professors have the best insight on assignments (since they are the ones who assigned them!), and they know the best future classes and professors to take. Networking with professors is a good benefit to keep!

3.) Be Productive! This next tip was suggested to me by a friend I just met recently while at work. Jamari sets a timer on his phone and sections off duties in timeframes. He sets his timer for an hour, and turns his phone onto airplane mode so he doesn’t have any distractions, and sits down and focuses on one class/paper/reading/etc. for a good hour. Then, he takes a little break, say 15 minutes to 30 minutes maximum, and then sets his timer again, and does another class/paper/reading/etc. I think it’s a great way to find a balance between school and pleasure, and the result can give you better grades, more productiveness, and in the end, more free time! Yay to that! Thanks for the great tip Jamari!

4.) SLEEP! Don’t pull an all nighter right before exams. Research has proven that those who choose to sleep instead of studying all night have better memory of the curriculum for the exam. I’m not saying to just through your study time out the window! Rather, set study time for a good few hours, and get to bed at a decent time. You will remember what you studied the night before much better, and you will be more focused and calm for the test!

5.) Take advantage of the writing center! I need to take this advice into my own account. If you are not as much of a brave soul, like myself, ask your roommate, classmate, or friend to proofread your writing/papers, and let them give you their honest opinions. It can sting to hear some critical comments, but they are just looking to help you, and in the end, you will have a better grade on a paper when you have more perspectives and people give their insights to your writing. Give it a shot, it’ll help!

Hope this advice helps! Until next time, folks, I wish you the best!

With love,


Everything Is Not What It Seems

If you are in your early twenties like me, than you probably remember Selena Gomez’s theme song to her hit Disney show, “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Yeah, you know the song, it’s okay to sing along with me; it is a bit catchy after all.

Just in case there are some old(er) timers that missed the time frame of this show, here is a quick link to what I’m talking about:

Yes, I admit, it is a bit cheesy, but hey! Isn’t that the stuff that was so cool when we were younger kids?

Anyways, the point of this totally random ‘schpeel’ is that every lyric (especially the title) of this song relate to what college students experience when they move in. Now having 1 3/4 of a year of college under my belt, I can now tell my tale of my freshman experience.

In their final year of high school, prospective college students experience a lot of preparation and receive much over-explained advice for the big day when they move into their college dorm. It is not a big day- it is a HUGE day; this is the first day that we are ‘unleashed’ into this big world. The best thing to keep in mind as a high school senior, is that “everything is not a breeze,” as my bud Selena says. In other words, it will not be an easy feat. Yes, it is great to go out there and have fun and let your hair down every now and then. I’m not trying to be a Debby downer here, I’m just saying that instead of going nuts and slacking off every night, it should be the other way around. You should focus and work hard in your classes. It’s the wonderful feeling of getting a great grade or doing well on a paper that will encourage you to reward yourself and go out and live it up.

On the other half of this song, I’d like to just say that college is an emotional roller-coaster. There will definitely be those days when you just feel really sad, or lonely, and there are the other days when you feel like singing out loud and skipping to class. From my first year, I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I was wrong.

You are NEVER alone. Let me say it again – Neeeevveeer. Don’t let yourself feel like you are isolated and the only person that truly knows what you are experiencing. Truth be told, every other student is thinking the same thing you are.

In finale, yes, it’s true- “Everything is not what it seems.” Work hard, know when to treat yourself (and don’t neglect from doing so), and keep your head held high. The key here is to stay positive and smile. 🙂

If you are a Wisconsonite or Minnesotan like me, all I have to say is- Stay strong my fellow northerners! If you are from a state that is experiencing weather forty degrees and higher, Why you be hoggin’?! Until next time folks, i’ll be finishing up my hibernation… hopefully.

With Love,